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Longxin Laser's 2nd-generation Metal Tube Laser Welding and Cutting Production Line Released

2022 / 08 / 22
Metal Tube Laser Welding and Cutting Production Line Officially Released
Innovation and change of traditional pipe forming process.

Longxin Laser's 2nd-generation tube laser welding and cutting flexible production line was officially released. For the first time, this production line broke through the functional bottleneck of only single cutting in the industry for on-line welding of welded tubes, and realized on-line 3D cutting of round and square tubes.
Maximize material utilization and overall production efficiency.
Focusing on the research and development and innovation of pipe cutting equipment, Longxin Laser has become one of the few pioneers in the field of multi-functional cutting of domestic pipe laser welding and cutting production lines.
The world's first creation,Online round tube, square tube 3D multifunctional cutting
ZX225 can easily realize online precise cutting and punching, using motion controller as the core control, with extremely high control precision and excellent stability performance. From climbing wave chasing speed → synchronizing cutting → decelerating and stopping → returning to the original position, the whole process is completed in one go.

Multiple Patent Protection
Longxin Laser is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of metal pipe cutting equipment. The ZX225 metal pipe laser welding and cutting production line developed by Longxin Laser has been protected by 13 patent technologies in China, and continues to promote China's traditional metal pipe cutting and processing enterprises to become intelligent, Flexibility and automation development. Ultimately, the production of metal pipes will be more intelligent and automated. One-stop solution for all production needs of customers.
Leading The Industry
For the traditional single-machine equipment processing can not meet the shortcomings of high-efficiency, large-scale industrial production. Longxin Laser's ZX225 pipe laser welding and cutting production line realizes pipe making - simultaneous welding - 3D cutting - with slag removal function, flexible production, one-time finished product, high efficiency and easy operation. The 2nd metal pipe laser welding and cutting production line can automatically and continuously cut various workpieces, and has the function of on-line cutting and punching of round and square pipes, solving the shortcomings of traditional metal pipe production line equipment, reducing operating procedures, and easily achieving 5-10 times the production capacity Growth, improve quality and efficiency, help enterprises lead the industry!