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2022 ITES exhibition | Longxin Laser's new laser tube cutting machine becomes the focus

2022 / 08 / 25
2022 ITES exhibition | Longxin Laser's new laser tube cutting machine becomes the focus

On August 15th, the 2022 Shenzhen ITES Exhibition, an international event in the field of intelligent equipment manufacturing, officially opened, and 1,000+ intelligent equipment companies showed their technical strength on the same stage. Longxin Laser presented several heavyweight new products, showing the brand strength of "Longxin Intelligent Manufacturing".
Driven by technology, stimulate the innovation vitality of the industry
For the overall solution of laser tube cutting in the tube industry, Longxin Laser released the latest laser tube cutting machine at the ITES exhibition: tube laser welding and cutting production line ZX225, automatic feeding high-speed three-dimensional laser tube cutting machine K16S, precision small tube laser tube cutting Machine K3X, window frame laser processing center F15. Based on technology-driven, in order to stimulate the innovation vitality of the industry, Longxin Laser provides users with a better and comprehensive overall solution for laser tube cutting.

Create top quality
Longxin Laser is determined to become the world's leading provider of laser tube cutting equipment
In the new industrial era, the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry has entered a new stage of improving quality and efficiency, and the requirements for precision, energy saving, environmental protection, and efficiency are becoming more and more stringent.
The tube laser welding and cutting production line ZX225
exhibited by Longxin Laser at the exhibition is the latest brand-leading product launched in 2022, which is known as the innovation and change of the traditional tube forming process. Pipe making + welded pipe + online cutting production line uses motion controller as the core control, which has extremely high control accuracy and excellent stability.

Chuck Side Mounted Type Ultra Short Tail 3D Laser Tube Cutting Machine
The LX-K16s includes an integrated automatic feeding system with a small footprint. The front card adopts a removable chuck to replace the 3 chucks to achieve ultra-short tails. It is easy to operate and maintain, and can meet the needs of industrial 24-hour production. It can cut centrally symmetric pipes including round pipes, square pipes, flat pipes, diamond pipes, and oval pipes. (Size range: round tube 15-160mm, circumcircle diameter of special-shaped tube <160mm)

Precision small tube laser cutting machine LX -K3X
LX-K3X uses Longxin's self-developed control system to achieve high-speed cutting of small tubes in large quantities, and the acceleration can reach up to 1.5G. The high precision can reach ±0.03mm, and it also supports the cutting of small tubes and some special non-standard special-shaped tubes (round tubes 2 ~ 24mm, square tubes 1.5X1.5-17X17 and some oval tubes and other special-shaped tubes)

After years of careful layout and operation, Longxin Laser has now become one of the professional manufacturers with the most abundant and complete product systems in the field of laser tube cutting equipment. Focus on laser tube cutting industry equipment, launch star products with industry characteristics for precision small tubes, small and medium-sized tubes, heavy-duty tubes, special-shaped tubes, etc., and create a new stage of "laser + intelligent manufacturing" for users. Leading laser tube cutting solutions in multiple dimensions .