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Metal Tube Laser Automatic Cutting Solution Provider
LongXin Laser
LongXin Laser
Longxin Laser is committed to providing customers with a complete set of fully automatic metal tube laser cutting and processing equipment that is reliable, intelligent and labor-saving.
Products are widely used in stainless steel pipe fittings, bathroom industry, hardware furniture, sports equipment, automobiles, motorcycles, electric vehicles, bicycles, air conditioners, guardrails, anti-theft nets, shelves etc.
2008 Established
3000+ Customers
60+ Categories
15000+ Plant Area
50+ Patented Products
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Featured Categories
Metal Tube Laser Automatic Cutting Solution Provider
Sample & Appliacation
The laser pipe cutting machine can cut Various materials and shapes of metal pipes,Φ2-350mm.▢1.5×1.5-240×240mm
Machine Show
Learn about machine work and cutting effect from video,Through the real scene, match your cutting needs.
About LongXin
Learn more about the development history, advantages and factory environment of Longxin Laser
Customer Scene
14 years of serving 3000+ customers around the world,providing the stable and professional metal pipe processing equipment